Top 10 Sexy Movie Titles that Will Make You Want to Watch a Movie Pronto!

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Movie titles contribute a lot to the success of a film especially those that don’t have any trailers. This is because the only thing you would know is the title and whatever it is will help you decide whether or not the movie is indeed worth watching. If you are up for a pleasurable journey when it comes to watching films, take a look at these top 10 sexy movie titles that will definitely convince you to watch the movie now. Take note though that some of the movie titles are only inspired by the more famous Hollywood films and not exactly a depiction of its actual plot.

10. Gone in 60 Seconds

10 Gone in 60 Seconds

This movie title shouts pun intended right out of it! Gone in 60 seconds is a sexy and titillating movie title primarily because it speaks of a 60-minute short kind of pleasure that couples get when they are doing thrilling acts. Just imagine getting all the hype before finally getting that push to the brim only to find out that everything just lasted for a good 60 seconds. Realistically speaking though, this truly happens with a lot of guys out there.

9. Mission Impossible

9 Mission Impossible

Another funny yet sexy movie title is none other than Mission Impossible. This title especially appeals to people who find it really difficult to get into a real and serious relationship. So what’s left of them? Basically they do not have any other choice but to just go on an unlimited number of hook ups in the hope of finding right person to settle down with. Mission Impossible it is indeed!

8. What Lies Beneath

8 What Lies Beneath

Everything about the title, “What Lies Beneath” screams thrilling. Of course, no one can really tell what exactly lies beneath but whatever it is sure is worth exploring. This movie title is definitely sexy and misleading because if you think that it speaks of something spooky, it definitely does not. Rather, it speaks of the pleasures that are deep down in every person’s core. Also, the title speaks of endless possibilities of what you can find if you go deeper and deeper and if you were to relate this to physical and pleasurable acts, you would realize just how sexy this truly is.

7. The Punisher

7 The Punisher

The Punisher might not exactly seem like a sexy title for a movie but if you think of the punisher’s other tasks, then you can easily realize that it could be a great title indeed. First and foremost, the punisher is in charge of a person and does anything that he pleases to suit his fantasies. Therefore, the punisher is sexy in the sense that it can accommodate all of its sexual desires without feeling bad about it and what’s a girl got to do? Nothing at all!

6. Anaconda

6 Anaconda

There’s something quite misleading about the title of this film. This is because Anaconda seems like a serious and scary kind of title inspired by the movie that was released some years back. But if you are green minded and have some penchant for sexual action, then this title can very well be considered a sexy one. Just imagine acting like an anaconda when satisfying your needs for sexual experiences. Now, that definitely is exciting don’t you think so?

5. While You Were Sleeping

5 While You Were Sleeping

There’s something spookily sexy about the title of this movie. Imagine someone out there watching you while you sleep and thinking about all of these nasty thoughts of what he can do to you? Of course, the title of the movie is also kind of freaky because it gives you an image of a stalker watching you as you sleep but remove that thought from your mind and simply think that this person is someone you’re interested in. Now, that would change the entire situation, right?

4. I am Legend

4 I am Legend

Every guy is confident about his assets and what better way to express this than by shouting out loud “I am Legend!” This movie title is definitely sexy and exciting because just imagine getting some sexual experience with a guy who happens to be overly confident. You don’t necessarily have to do anything else. Just wait for the guy to do his moves on you and you’ll definitely be satisfied. In fact, you might even be screaming for more in no time.

3. Big Daddy

3 Big Daddy

Big Daddy is another funny and sexy movie title you can find. This is because it comes with a lot of puns as well. Big Daddy kind of idealizes that all guys need to be “big daddies” or basically guys with big thugs. After all, a lot of women have become quite difficult to please these days so these big dad’s really have to do everything they can in their power to keep their “mommies” interested.

2. 50 First Dates

2 50 First Dates

A lot of people seem to agree that going out on dates is so much better than getting into an actual relationship. This is why people keep track of the dates they’ve been on and not exactly the number of failed relationships they’ve experienced. 50 First Dates is a sexy movie title because it gives people the impression that hooking up with different guys for 50 different first dates is a possibility. In fact these days, it sure is and a lot of people have figured out ways on how to detach themselves from actual feelings too.

1. Body Heat

1 Body Heat

The title itself is sexy enough but the plot of this film is even sexier. A woman basically makes a man do things he wouldn’t normally do. But since he cannot resist her charms and sex appeal, he finds himself being enslaved by her beauty. For this very reason, this movie title is indeed sexy and certainly tops of the list of the sexiest movie titles ever created and that would make you want to watch the movie immediately too.


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