Top 10 Best Exercise to Lose Weight and Look Stunningly Beautiful

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A beautiful curve does not happen just like that. You need to work it out in order to get those enviable curves. If you are one of the many who’s looking to possess a stunning body, you should take note of the best exercise to lose weight. Excess weight can definitely hinder your dream of an ideal posture or high self-esteem.

Weight loss is a battle a lot of us are facing. Then again, there is really no absolute exercise that could make you lose all the extra pounds. There are, however, some workouts that could help make the process faster, easier, and successful. In choosing the best exercises, we have laid down a set of criteria. First, they must be easy to do. They should not require a great deal of skill to be applicable to everyone. Second, they must be truly effective. They should show you improvements or results to keep you inspired. Lastly, they must be fun to do. It is difficult to stick to a workout routine that you do not enjoy doing. You can bring along a friend to perform the exercise with you so it becomes even more enjoyable to do. But that is just a plus. If you like what you are doing in the first place, no amount of exhaustion can make you turn you back on it. Here are the best 10 exercises that made out shortlist:

10. Weight Training

10 Weight Training

This is not as easy to do as other exercises but if you are determined to lose that body weight, weight training or strength training is a great way to go. Actually, you do not need to push yourself to the limits. You can start slow and then advance to heavier weights as you go along. You also should not mind not having equipments at home. You can fill in a water bottle and use it for your training.

9. Kickboxing

9 Kickboxing

This form of martial arts is intense and being intense, it makes for an effective way to lose all that excess baggage you have. You can burn up to 600 calories per hour kickboxing and have a lot fun doing so. Aside from losing weight, you also get to learn a few tricks on how you can defend yourself in case a ruthless guy comes to get you.

8. Yoga

8 Yoga

Find your zen ad get on a yoga class. This is a great way to lose weight, while nourishing your soul as well. The stretching exercises in yoga can make your body more flexible, well toned, and about 180 calories less in just about an hour. You can burn more as you advance in performing more difficult positions.

7. Elliptical Burner

7 Elliptical Burner

Among the exercise machines available, the elliptical burner is the most versatile, most easy to use, and most fun to do. For an hour, you could burn as much as 600 calories. Then there’s the plus that since you can get glued, especially with the TV or some fine music on, you can easily finish an hour without feeling exhausted.

6. Bicycling

6 Bicycling

Depending on how fast you go and how far you push your heart rate to elevate, you can burn between 500 to 1000 calories per hour of biking. The use of stationary bikes and riding outside will provide similar results. Basically, your choice will just have to depend on which is more comfortable to you and which fits your schedule. What’s the best thing about exercise bikes that are used indoors? You can exercise while watching TV, which gives a little distraction from your exhaustion.

5. Aerobics

5 Aerobics

There is no denying how aerobics can be a fun way to burn calories. At a rate of 800 calories burned per hour, you will surely enjoy moving your body to the groove and sweat it out. It is easy to forget about how long you are exercising when you are doing aerobics. That’s one good sign that you will get a good result out of this.

4. Swimming

4 Swimming

This is another sport that is fun and easy to do but gives you your dose of calorie-burning at the same time as well. If you do laps up and down for an hour, you could burn as much as 800 calories. Since all your body parts are moved during the course, this exercise is also great toner for your body. If you want to stay motivated, give yourself half an extra hour to relax at the Jacuzzi. That relaxing moment will make you look forward to your next swimming session.

3. Walking

3 Walking

The easiest and simplest exercise can make you burn 360 calories in a hour. If you go brisk walking in uphill locations, the calories you can burn would even be more. Brisk walking is a cardio workout that can burn your calories while toning your legs, hips, and stomach. Since there is no equipment or special requirements needed, you can go walking anytime you want. It is even easy to fit in a walking in your daily routine.

2. Jogging

2 Jogging

Jogging is just like walking. But since you will exert more effort, you are bound to burn more calories. An hour of continuous jogging can make you burn 550 calories. Aside from keeping your body fit, this is also a great time to distress. Without the distractions in the gym, there is the opportunity to be able to think out, solve some problems running through your mind, and make the important decisions in your life.

1. Dancing

1 Dancing

Dancing is the most fun, easiest, and simplest way o lose weight. There are various dancing classes that you can join to start sweating it out. Depending on which kind of dance you choose, you can easily burn 600 to 800 calories for every hour that you spend dancing. If you do not like dancing with the crowd, go ahead and play your favorite pump up music at home and dance your way to a sexier body.


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