Top 10 + 10 Random Sex Facts That May or May Not be Useful in Bed

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Here are a number of potentially useful random sex facts that might result to more rewarding and pleasurable experiences in bed. Since this is a random mix, some information may not be useful at all, and may not be suitable conversation starters. It’s really up to you how you use these facts.

20. The secret to longevity in men20 The secret to longevity in men

Reports reveal that individuals who engage in sexual intercourse at least thrice a week seem to look much younger than their actual age. People who have active sex lives are perceived by their peers to look 4-7 years younger. And the word on men is that you could live to about 80 years old for as long as you live active sex lives. That’s very encouraging.

19. Interesting facts about women19 Interesting facts about women

Women who are on the lookout for casual sex list good looks on top of the list of requirements and apparently, men do not give as much weight on good looks. Single women are said to be more attracted to males who are unavailable. Apparently, women like the challenge of winning men who are taken than just going for single men without complications. And here’s one more: more women talk dirty than men do during sexual intercourse.

18. Skinny vs Curvy: Guess who wins?18 Skinny vs Curvy Guess who wins

Women who eat almost nothing to maintain very skinny figures would win more fashion magazine covers, but they could lose their men to curvier women. It is official, at least based on a study done in the United Kingdom – men prefer voluptuous women over waifs.

17. The value of cuddling and snuggling against depression17 The value of cuddling and snuggling against depression

Cuddling and snuggling are guaranteed excellent warm-ups for intercourse. But cuddling and snuggling have other benefits as well. A study reveals those lovers who cuddle and snuggle as less prone to depression than those who do not.

16. Exercise and weight loss make sex better16 Exercise and weight loss make sex better

Based on a study, it has been found that engaging in physical exercise twenty minutes before engaging in the sexual act improves sexual response exponentially. (And if you exercise the muscles of your pelvis, you’ll experience better orgasm.) But since you can’t always schedule when and where you’ll have intercourse, your choice is to just maintain proper weight or lose a few necessary pounds is you have a lot of excess.

15. Grounds for divorce15 Grounds for divorce

Impotence is a valid ground for divorce in 26 states in the US. This is a pretty good indication of the value placed by society on sexual pleasure.

14. Sex is the cure for many things14 Sex is the cure for many things

You might be surprised with some of the things we’ve dug up. Brace yourself. Sex improves the immune function of the human body by 30%. In addition, sex is even better than anti-histamines (it clears your sinuses, apparently). And here’s the best part: Sex is a cure for stage fright and headaches.

13. Hot enough to burn calories13 Hot enough to burn calories

Here’s one more reason why it is worth seeing it through to the end. If you fake an orgasm, you burn 112 calories. A real one costs the body 315 calories.

12. Condoms: Origins12 Condoms Origins

As early as 1870, the United States of America has been manufacturing condoms. However, modern people might find these pioneers rather inconvenient and unappetizing. They were thick, made from vulcanized rubber and every single one is meant to be reused.

11. Flavor of the month11 Flavor of the month

Cherry is not just the flavor of the month. Evidently, cherry is the most popular flavor of edible panties of all time.

10. Eureka!10 Eureka

There’s no need to find a bathtub, fill it up with water and immerse on it for that “Eureka!” moment (that’s what Archimedes was up to when he discovered the Law of Buoyancy). If you are in dire need of creative spark for work, have sexual intercourse the night before you would need to impress clients or your boss with awesome ideas. The chemicals in the brain that stimulates the flow of creative juice at work can be triggered by sex.

9. Skin-to-skin contact makes it all better9 Skin-to-skin contact makes it all better

Men should set aside time to touch a woman’s entire body prior to the sexual act. Women have more sensitive skin than men, and when a man runs his hands on a woman’s body, a hormone is released that fosters closeness between the couple.

8. Pheromones8 Pheromones

Women are turned on just by smelling male pheromones. Men ought to think about not showering immediately after a bout of weight-lifting at the gym if they want to make the most of the effect that their natural body odor has in turning women on.

7. Strip clubs win7 Strip clubs win

Among Americans, the strip club wins over concert halls and theaters. A study reveals that Americans spend more money enjoying the sights and sounds of a strip club that the offerings of classical halls and theaters.

6. Sex in the brain6 Sex in the brain

Sex is in the brain of both men and women, but scientists have proven that the part of the brain that puts the urge to pursue sex is 2.5 times higher in males than in females. Is anyone really surprised with the findings of the scientists?

5. Spirituality improves sex life5 Spirituality improves sex life

Marked improvements in arousal and orgasm are experienced by both men and women who regularly engage in meditation, reading spiritual literature, or expanding their own spirituality.

4. Television ban4 Television ban

Think about this really well. If you want to get it on more with your spouse or partner, don’t put a television set inside the bedroom. Those who have removed the TV from their bedroom have 50% more sex.

3. Sex and nudity in movies3 Sex and nudity in movies

This is pretty reliable since it involved a study of 900 films that were released within a period of four years: sex and nudity do not mean box-office success.

2. “Call 911!”2 “Call 911”

Be extra careful when you try out the more exotic Kama Sutra positions. More than 11,000 Americans get physically hurt each year from trying to get in on with bizarre positions. They end up in the hospital, not in Nirvana.

1. Lock gazes and hit the roof1 Lock gazes and hit the roof

Eye contact does a lot for increasing attraction and sexual intensity. Lock gazes and see where that gets you and your partner.


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