Top 10 Best Ways to Learn Spanish Pronto

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Learning different languages has many benefits. Your purpose might be for personal reasons in which you just want to learn Spanish due to your interest but for some, learning Spanish is a prerequisite or requirement. There could be a need to learn this Romantic language if they are applying for a job that is located in a Spanish speaking locality. Whatever your purpose is, here are a few useful tools and arguably useful insights on the best ways to learn Spanish. But, before engaging in something such as learning a new language, it is best to put into mind that it would take extreme patience and perseverance. If you have that covered, then you’re ready. Vamanos!

10. Gather self-study materials

10 Gather self-study materials

Studying Spanish on your own is not a bad idea. Commonly, this is what people do when they do not have the sufficient funds to go to a school or an institute to learn the language. There are plenty of reading materials online that guarantees you’ll be speaking Spanish in a month’s time. If you’re old school, you will find books available in libraries which are open for the public. Self-study is tough especially if you do not have any background regarding the language. The good thing about this option is that you can do it whenever you want and you do not have to pay anyone. However, there is a major disadvantage to doing it alone. You might be learning it the wrong way and could mostly likely be just wasting your time.

9. Watch Spanish shows on television

9 Watch Spanish shows on television

It is has been said that the mind can acquire information just by watching and observing. For most cases it is true and anything we see or hear can be processed by our brain and put it into memory. Watching Spanish television shows would help in many ways. Observing and mimicking the tone of Spanish actors would help you in proper pronunciation and enunciation. Find shows that offer closed caption translation of the Spanish dialogue into your own language. Given a number of months, you’ll sound like Spanish soap opera actors.

8. Read news articles in Spanish

8 Read news articles in Spanish

News articles in Spanish newspapers are very useful material in exercising your Spanish reading skills. Where would you get one? Be resourceful and dig up Spanish publications online! News articles are effective means of learning about the flow of formal written Spanish. You can’t just learn how to speak the language. You also have to learn how to write.

7. Use games as a medium of learning

7 Use games as a medium of learning

Teaching children new things is best done in the context of games. It is a fact that they have a short attention span so making them learn something new without exhausting their fickle attention. We’re not saying that you have the mind of a child, but it is a fact that making something difficult fun to do helps a lot. And even if you’re an income-generating adult, a very useful and effective learning strategy is the use of fun games. Simple word playing games will do the trick. After a couple of sessions, you will start uttering Spanish words and you won’t even realize it because it has become second nature to you.

6. Listen to the Spanish radio

6 Listen to the Spanish radio

News and radio broadcasts in Spanish are also helpful ways in learning the language. This will practice your listening comprehension skills of Spanish. Where on earth will you get radio broadcasts in Spanish if you are not in a Spanish speaking country? Never underestimate the power of the Internet. You’ll find something for sure. Doing this on a regular basis would help you familiarize on different usages of contexts and proper pronunciation of the language.

5. Find a Spanish amigo/amiga

5 Find a Spanish amigo-amiga

Learning Spanish is easier and probably more effective if you actually know someone who speaks the language. It is even better if you have a friend who is Spanish and is also fluent in your own native language so that he or she can give you feedback. You can ask your friend to teach you first the basics and the easy words in the context of regular conversations about everyday things. Eventually, you will find yourself already exchanging dialogues in Spanish.

4. Get a Spanish tutorial CD-DVD program

4 Get a Spanish tutorial CD-DVD program

Since tapes have already become obsolete, tutorials can now be bought on CD’s and DVD’s. But, beware, because not all Spanish learning programs are the same. Some offer a more detailed tutorial with the absurd promise that you can learn the language in a couple of days. For some it might be effective but everyone has different learning curves so it would still depend on how gullible you are. But, tutorials are generally helpful. Just get one that factors in time for learning a language that you intend to speak to be understood and not just to show off.

3. Take a private class (for free!)

3 Take a private class (for free)

Doing one on one tutorials will be very effective since there will be more focus on the task at hand. But, whoever heard of free individual private Spanish lessons? There’s no catch. Just find someone willing to exchange skills with you and go for it. In nature, it is called a symbiotic relationship in which both parties benefit from one another.

2. Attend Spanish classes at an accredited language institution

2 Attend Spanish classes at an accredited language institution

If you have weekends or after work hours to spare, you may also learn Spanish by attending group classes offered by various schools and organizations. It is the more conventional way of learning any foreign language and it is also generally very affordable. Learning Spanish in a class setting could be fun and for most is it definitely effective. Group studies will also allow you to get more interaction which makes learning Spanish a lot easier.

1. Going to a Language Academy

1 Going to a Language Academy

Going to an institution that offers Spanish language as a course is the best way to learn it. There are trained instructors who will teach you the necessary components and elements so that you learn Spanish properly. Taking Spanish from an academy that is recognized by the Spanish embassy in your country will certainly give you the edge in learning it properly. But enrolling in a proper language academy might require a lot of money. But it could be worth it since you would be involved in many activities that enrich your experience of the language and teach you to immerse in the culture of those who speak it.


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