Top 10 Most Powerful Superheroes in the DC and Marvel Multiverse

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Though there are hundreds of superheroes in both the DC and Marvel multiverse, there are those that stand at the very top. They have different abilities that set them apart from one another. And they each have a distinctive style as they go about their heroic deeds. The most powerful superheroes does not have to be magical, huge or monstrous. Whether they are aliens, mutants or billionaires, what defines their power is their manner of wielding it and using it for the greater good.

10. Spider-Man

10 Spider-Man

The rather flimsy Peter Parker was born a human being and only acquired his unnatural abilities as a human spider when he was bit. It took one small bite to make Spider-Man who ends up as one of the powerful superheroes in Marvel. Possessing the strength of more than 10 men, agility, lightning reflexes, and spider-sense, he deals with crooks pronto and dodges bullets with ease. Swinging across the city and leaving trails of his web might be too a bit flashy but it sure gets the job done. Even though he is not immortal and can be wounded by dark-hearted villains, he is still a really awesome super hero.

9. The Human Torch

9 The Human Torch

One of the members of Fantastic 4, Johnny Storm, also known as “The Human Torch” made solving crime and fighting evil as easy as lighting a fire. Enveloped with blazing hot flames which he can manipulate in any form he wants, Torch is a force to be reckoned with. He can also fly and that coolest thing about his flight is that he uses the flames that he generates like a rocket to propel him at enormous speeds. Hot and ready to burn anything on his path, Torch should never be taken lightly.

8. The Flash!

8 The Flash!

Considered as the fastest superhero in the Marvel multiverse, the Flash is among the most famous as well as the most powerful of them all. Running fast is not the only thing he can do. He can also travel trough time, and no other superhero in this list can do that just by running. If Superman would challenge the Flash to a speed contest, the man of steel should think twice. No one could outrun The Flash since he is even faster than lighting. The Flash is also endowed with the ability to rapidly acquire information and retain them as well.

7. Captain America

7 Captain America

Captain America can be closely associated with The Hulk since both of their abilities came from the same source –gamma radiation. The only difference between the two is that Captain America looked fairly human at the end of it while the Hulk became an angry monstrous being. Their power levels are also vastly different from one another. However, what Captain America lacks in power is compensated by his tactical genius and ability to lead other superheroes more physically powerful than him.

6. The Green Lantern

6 The Green Lantern

Being chosen to be the bearer of the ring of power created to protect the galaxy from all evil must be a very tough job. It is like being recruited to a Police force that makes you sheriff of a whole galaxy! The Green Lantern is all powerful since the power he possesses is only limited by his imagination. The stronger his will becomes, the more powerful he can be. In the DC Universe, what could be more powerful than willpower?

5. Iron Man

5 Iron Man

Smart, rich and ever so cool, what better way for a billionaire to save the world than to suit up in a high-tech weapons system? Tony Stark had truly upped the standards when it comes to saving the world with style and unlimited swagger. Who needs mutant powers? Equipped with the latest technology, IronMan kicks ass. He does not have any special abilities but when it comes to fighting crime and defending the world from utter chaos, IronMan has the juice.

4. Storm

4 Storm

A fight against Storm is like fighting Mother Nature herself. She has the ability to control the weather and turn everything in her path into smithereens. Hurricanes, lightning bolts, hales, tsunamis, sandstorms – you name it and she will bring it. She has been considered one of the most powerful mutants of all time with her infamous elemental control.

3. Professor X

3 Professor X

Professor X is well known for his compassion and elegance. He put up a school where he teaches mutants to control their powers and use in for the greater good. What makes Professor X all-powerful is his telepathic abilities. In the battle of mind over matter, the mind always wins. If he wanted to he could kill all mutants (and humans) in the whole in the blink of an eye just by thinking it. But his real power comes from the conviction that he will not use his abilities to harm anyone.

2. Superman

2 Superman

The man-of-steel is one of the greatest superheroes in the Marvel multiverse. Kal-El, also known as Clark Kent was from the planet Krypton and was sent to Earth when his home planet was destroyed. His powers come from the Earth’s yellow sun which gives him extraordinary abilities. No bullets can penetrate his Kryptonian skin. He can see through walls with his X-ray vision and can burn things with his heat vision. He is also able to fly and can run fairly enough to compete with the Flash. Though he has only one weakness, Superman is almost invincible to anything thrown his way. And his heart is pure. That alone could smash all evil.

1. Thor

1 Thor

The God of lighting, Thor is known for his temper (and attitude problem). But there is no contesting his power. It is so immense that he can turn anything into ashes. What separates Thor from the other heroes on this list that he is immortal. He lives in Asgard where his father, Odin, ruled. Thor’s hammer is called Mjolnir. This weapon which only Thor himself can wield is said to have the power to level landmasses and mountains with a single swing. Considered as a God, Thor possesses unlimited power and strength. He is also able to fly and move through dimensions from his home world by using a transport device.


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