Top 10 Most Powerful Pokemon Characters Across the Pokemon Franchise

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Pokemon appealed to the masses in a variety of mediums. It has its own anime series and various full feature movies. There are also card games as well as video games wherein you can play your favorite trainer or Pokemon. There are types of species in the Pokemon universe and some are even so rare that these have only been seen in pictures and playing cards. The most powerful Pokemon characters are also associated with different elements where they derive their power from. Unlike humans or any other animals, Pokemon undergo certain evolutionary stages which are triggered by all sorts of stimuli. Evolving into another form makes a Pokemon stronger and better suited for combat. Here are our favorite all-powerful Pokemon entities.

10. Slacking

10 Slacking

Slacking is a Pokemon looking that closely resembles a gorilla. The earlier stage of Slacking is Vigoroth. The performance of Slacking in battle is quite reliable and rather credible but as suggested by the name, it is a very lazy creature. The only thing it does for most of its waking hours is to lie around and do nothing. However, its brute strength and awesome energy comes from doing nothing. Oh yes. One of the well-known moves of this Pokemon is the earthquake move that makes the ground shake, disorienting its opponents.

9. Kyogre

9 Kyogre

Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon associated with Groudon and Rayquaza. It looks like a whale and obviously represents the awesome force of the ocean. It is said that Kyogre is so powerful it can make storms and endless rain, and huge floods as well. This Pokemon has complete control over the water elements thus making the impossible possible. Some legends say that lands and oceans where created due to the battle between Kyogre and Groudon. After the said battle, they were both sealed in their respective elements and trapped.

8. Giratina

9 Giratina

Giritana is one of the legendary Pokemon that first appeared in the video game franchise. Its power can be likened to Dialga and Palkia which are all-powerful Pokemon that represent time and space. Giritana, being one among the three, represents antimatter and that involves much flying and floating. Giritana was originally placed in a space called the Distortion World due to its tendency to wreck havoc. It is one powerful renegade Pokemon.

7. Palkia

7 Palkia

Palkia closely resembles dinosaurs. But its classification in the Pokemon universe is a dragon type with water element. The signature move of Palkia is called “Spacial Rend.” This special move distorts space (this is a Spatial Pokemon, after all). Unlike normal Pokemon Palkia has no evolutionary stage meaning it was created just as it is.

6. Dialga

6 Dialga

Popularly known as the temporal Pokemon, Dialga completes the trio of Palkia and Giritana. Similar to its contemporaries, Dialga can also be classified as a type of dragon that looks like a dinosaur. This one possesses the element of steel. One of the prominent abilities of Dialga is its capability to travel in time. It can go back to the past or forward into the future just by willing it. The signature move of Dialga is called “Roar of Time”

5. Rayquaza

5 Rayquaza

Also known as the Sky High Pokemon, Rayquaza is rarely seen since it mostly flies above the atmosphere. It has the ability to negate all weather elements making it one of the most powerful Pokemon ever to have existed. Rayquaza can be seen as a large serpent dragon (much like the dragon that grants wishes in the DragonBall franchise.) It is closely associated with Groudon and Kyogre since the three of them are all legendary Pokemon. Some of the abilities of Rayquaza are still undetermined since it is rarely seen.

4. Ho-Oh

4 Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is called the Rainbow Pokemon. When it flies, strips of rainbow colors can be seen in the sky. The form that a Ho-Oh closely resembles is that of a phoenix (which might also be the reason for its ability to bring the dead back to life). It is a legendary Pokemon that has appeared in the first series of the anime franchise. Ho-Oh is closely related to Lugia since the two are the most famous legendary Pokemon bird-like creatures in the Pokemon universe.

3. Lugia

3 Lugia

Famously known as the Diving Pokemon, Lugia is the other legendary bird aligned with Ho-Oh. It is mostly characterized as a psychic Pokemon that can fly. It also has the ability to control water elements. Some say that Lugia looks more like a flying dragon than a bird. Others see at it as a flying lizard since its wings looks like large paws. It has appeared in some of the Pokemon movies and became quite popular due to its distinctive looks and awesome abilities.

2. Mewtwo

2 Mewtwo

Mewtwo was firstly considered to be the most powerful Pokemon ever to have been created. It is not necessarily the evolved form or Mew since Mewtwo is a clone of Mew. Compared to Mew, it has a larger body size and has more abilities such as telekinesis and psychic powers. The most remarkable ability if Mewtwo is its ability to do instant regeneration which is very helpful when it comes to battles.

1. Arceus

1 Arceus

Arceus is believed to be the first Pokemon to have ever lived. He also goes by the name as Alpha Pokemon. The creation of Arceus is said to have started as an egg that was nested in a vortex or chaos long before anything came into existence. Arceus created three other Pokemon, namely Giritana, Palkia and Dialga which created the universe as we know it. It also created other Pokemons that made existence and other elements necessary for life possible. After creating Pokemons, Arceus went to sleep which will last an eternity. Arceus is also referred to as the God of Pokemons since it was the one who created them all. It can manipulate all types of elements. It is also said to posses Plates coming from the fragments in the creation of the universe which allows it to transform into anything it wants.


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