Top 10 Most Powerful Marvel Characters that Could Either Protect or Annihilate the Entire Planet

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In the Marvel Universe, heroes and villains are always battling it out. Marvel heroes are known for their essential goodness of heart and amazing powers, some of which have very interesting origins. Marvel villains, on the other hand, are unparalleled in their lust for more power and desire for world domination, and the powers that they wield could be really scary. We’re not here to argue with the official Marvel power grid, as well as the hundreds of unofficial lists that are not sanctioned by Stan Lee or Jack Kirby, anyway. And TOAA (The One-Above-All), the creator of everything in the entire omniverse is exempted; he tops most of the other lists, anyway. This eclectic list of most powerful Marvel characters does not include just heroes or villains but a good mix of both. And power is not limited to physical strength, but strength of the mind and the will as well.

10. Galactus10 Galactus

Galactus subsists on entire plants, converts matter to energy, and he can read the thoughts of any human being. That makes him powerful indeed. It is said that there was a Universe before the Big Bang and Galactus is the only survivor of that Universe. What makes him even more powerful is the intelligence that he possesses. Galactus is ranked just below the likes of Eternity, The Living Tribunal, and the penultimate TOAA. He’s number 10 on our list because he’s not from this Universe. ‘Nuff said.

9. Silver Surfer

9 Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer can tap into the “power cosmic,” an ability that was granted him by Galactus. Thus, he has an unlimited power source. Silver Surfer also has a power set wherein he can further amplify whatever power he already has. Given these characteristics, he is definitely stronger than most other human or partly human Marvel character. He can produce an energy blast that could destroy a planet, if he wishes to. He can manipulate manner every which way. But, he is way too inconsistent, and he has yet to learn how to maximize his potential.

8. Magneto

8 MagnetoMagneto, the main villain of the X-Men comics has only grown in power both in comics and in film since he first appeared in X-Men #1 (1963). Magneto’s power does not just involve manipulating magnetism. He can also generate magnetic fields. His supervillany is somehow justified by the origins of his character. Magneto’s desire for mutant domination may have emerged from his experiences during the Holocaust. Magneto’s power may be limited to magnetism, but he has absolute control over it, and that is why he’s on this list.

7. Ghost Rider

7 Ghost Rider

Anyone who wields hellfire has power beyond measure. Give him the visage of a skeleton and put him on a bad-ass bike from hell that revs up to the speed of sound, and you get a powerful creature that’s equally just as frightful. And the fact that he can burn your soul and make you feel all the pain you’ve ever felt in one instance with the dreaded penance stare makes this supernatural being more powerful than most.

6. Iron Man

6 Iron Man

What’s all powerful with a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist in a metal suit? This businessman superhero first appeared in1963 in Tales of Suspense #39. His character has been developed as the years went by into one of the most complex in the Marvel Universe. His humanity gives him concrete weaknesses, but his genius, and ability to create and innovate (not to mention that endless well of resources) gives Ironman power that naturally or supernaturally endowed heroes have good reason to envy. Ironman is the future and all its promise in that well-sculpted package.

5. Wolverine

5 Wolverine

If you have unbreakable adamantium bones and claws and heal from any flesh wound (also from any toxin or disease) spontaneously, all you need is raw fury and you have a fighting chance even with the most bellicose mutant enemy and even supernatural beings for that matter. Wolverine’s amazingly keen sense of smell makes it hard for enemies to sneak up on him, too. Wolverine is perhaps every Marvel fan’s favorite anti-hero and his character has been instrumental in making the whole X-Men comics and movie franchise a global success. That’s rather powerful, don’t you think?

4. The Abstract Entities

4 The Abstract Entities

We can’t ignore the fact that the Marvel Multiverse is rife with intangibles yet ultimately powerful beings whose power and will drives many conflicts played out by the heroes and villains that we know very well. These Abstract Entities or Concepts include Death, Infinity, Eternity, Master Order, and Lord Chaos. There are many more. They rule their own realms like gods. They sometimes take human form or other physical manifestation in order to let their plans and motives be known to “lesser” beings.

3. Professor X (Charles Xavier)3 Professor X (Charles Xavier)

Charles Xavier, more popularly known by his mutant name Professor X is the most powerful telepath in the Marvel Universe. His ability to control his powers and assist other in doing the same is an asset that has proved helpful in protecting humans and the mutants under his charge. Prof. X may be confined in wheelchair, but there is nothing that he can do, if he puts his mind to it.

2. Thor

2 Thor

Thor of Asgard, so of Odin and the God of Thunder is a warrior whose skills in battle are at the highest level attainable. He is invincible and immortal, being a god an all. And he is strong beyond imagining because he has crushed whole planets with sheer brute force. He can use magic to control weather conditions and use their power to his advantage, do size augmentation, effect enchantment, among others. He is capable of interstellar flight. And his hammer is not just made for smashing things. His hammer, which only he can wield, has the power to control space and time, and so much more because it contains the Odin force.

1. Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)

1  Incredible Hulk (Bruce Banner)

Hulk may not have the ability to crush planets with his bare hands, but wait till he gets the opportunity to do so. There’s no reason to doubt that he can because he already smashed an earth-sized meteorite with one single blow. The accident that turned a scientist into a huge green monster gave him formidable and almost unlimited strength, rapid regeneration, and an awfully short fuse. And because of this anger that he uses to smash at anything including his allies The Incredible Hulk is number one in our list.


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