Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World You Should be Aware of

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There are so many creatures spread all over the world and animals have the largest population. Biologically, animals refer to all members in the animal kingdom which includes sponges, insects, and even humans. In a world like this, it is not a surprise to anyone that there is danger embedded in all places even in your homes. Even worse, it is caused by the top 10 most dangerous animals that can harm you or even kill you.

Looks can be deceiving. Yes, they are. You cannot tell exactly which animal is dangerous, even the tiniest creature can cause your death within a short amount of time. Usually, some of these animals look so harmless. You may think that they are not dangerous because of their innocent look but mind you, you will be surprised of the things they are capable of. Let us start the countdown of the top 10 most dangerous animals in the world.

10. Polar Bear

10 Polar Bear

Very cuddly and fluffy as it may seem but inside this unbearable to hug creature is a very ferocious beast. They are very vicious predators for they are the largest carnivore on land. They have excellent camouflage, webbed toes to walk on ice, enormous forepaws as paddles to swim, and non-retractable claws to dig into snow. Sure it is cute, if it is a teddy bear, but if it is from the wild, they can definitely cause us harm. Annual recorded fatalities are five to ten persons.

9. Great White Shark

9 Great White Shark

Dubbed as the perfect killing machine, there is no way for you to escape from this wild beast of the underwater. Even with poor eyesight, they have the best sense of smell to blood even it is five miles away. Whenever in the state of excitement, they attack whatever comes their way. They tear off pounds of flesh in just a single bite and have very powerful electroreception. Annual recorded fatalities come up to a hundred persons.

8. Box Jellyfish

8. Box Jellyfish

Interesting creature it is but it is the most lethal in the world. They are so venomous that whenever in contact with a human, their stings can paralyze, cause so much pain which can lead to cardiac arrest, much worse, they lead their unlucky victim to sudden death. With almost 60 tentacles, the toxin can kill many people. These creatures are mostly found in the coastal waters of Australia. Annual recorded fatalities are about a hundred persons.

7. Hippopotamus

7. Hippopotamus

These are really huge creatures. Mostly found in Africa, they can crush a prey just like a sledgehammer using their powerful jaws. It is also known as the river horse because of its capability to move through water at a faster speed. They are herbivores but they can attack humans when provoked. Annual recorded fatalities come up to a hundred to a hundred and fifty.

6. African Bush Elephant

6    African Bush Elephant

It is a very wonderful experience when you encounter these elephants yet they can also be harmful. Known to be the largest land mammal, they may have a friendly outlook and cleverness but they can also be as fatal as those other dangerous animals. They can attack humans without warning. With its trunk, legs and massive body, it can maul humans to death. Annual recorded fatalities come up to a massive three hundred to five hundred.

5. Saltwater Crocodile

5.  Saltwater Crocodile

They are the largest among their kind and can weigh and grow up to a thousand kilograms and six meters, respectively. These beasts have an attitude that can be very deceiving but surely, it can attack its prey without even making a single noise. They are even more dangerous whenever in water for they swim so fast. They have incredible speed, bone-crushing jaw force, and a powerful tail. Annual recorded fatalities come up to six hundred to eight hundred persons.

4. Big Cats

4  Big Cats

Also known as big cats are lions, tigers, and jaguars. They have the speed that can definitely catch up with its prey who takes a risky chance to run to avoid these beasts. They have these very sharp claws and teeth that tear and slice its prey into parts. This family of big cats stalks before an attack and usually hunts for food in groups. Annual recorded fatalities are about to eight hundred persons.

3. Androctonus Scorpion

3  Androctonus Scorpion

Often called as fat tailed, this little creature carries a very venomous sting that can kill humans in just a few minutes. They are hiding in isolated areas near humans such as stony soils, stone and brick wall cracks. They are widely spread in the countries of Asia and North Africa. Annual recorded fatalities are about eight hundred to two thousand.

2. Venomous Snakes

2 Venomous Snakes

There are so many snake species, on land or underwater that carries lethal venoms with their bite. Some snakes have venom that causes defibrillation which affects the blood line. The toxin constrains chemicals that disrupt blood clotting. Thus, the continuous bleeding leads to death. Annual recorded fatalities range from fifty thousand to a hundred and twenty-five thousand people.

1. Mosquito


Surprising but it is the reality, this very tiny insect cause a massive death toll per year. The ferocious lions and bears and the scary underwater creatures cannot surpass this most dangerous animal on the planet. They are blood-sucking insects that carry various diseases such as malaria, elephantiasis, dengue and yellow fever. They are widely spread all over the world. A very little insect indeed but it takes an alarming two million to three million lives of people every year.

Mostly, these animals listed above are truly dangerous but people should try our best not to provoke them or even let them live nearby. Their appearance and attitude can be very deceiving to human eyes, even the tiniest, most silent or the cuddliest of animal can definitely kill you with their corresponding powerful weapons. As far as you are concerned, these are the top 10 most dangerous animals you should avoid.


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    Man of course is the most dangerous creature on the planet. deaths through war; genocide and terror run into millions


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