Top 10 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics You Should Learn to Speak About

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Delivering a persuasive speech is harder than giving an informative one. For one to be able to make a great persuasive speech, one must choose a topic that the listeners can relate to. The topic should be a current event or scenarios that are commonly happening in our surroundings today. Thus, the speech must contain logical reasons and explanations that are related to the topic whether it is for or against it. By giving transparent views and options, it will enable you to convince your listeners. You must always keep in mind that your speech must only consist of facts. In this way you can deliver a more effective persuasive speech. These speeches are most delivered in schools and colleges. It gives a chance for students to enhance and discover their oratory skills and it can also help in building self-confidence among the students through public speaking. The key for delivering an effective persuasive speech, you must choose a topic that you and most of your listeners can relate to. But choosing interesting persuasive speech topics is not that easy. That is the reason why we made this top 10 list that could help you choose the best topic that you could use in persuasive speaking.

10. Coke vs. Pepsi

10 Coke vs. Pepsi

Most people argue which one is better, the one in the red can or the blue. Both companies have shown great sales through the years and they both dominate the carbonated beverage market. The conflict even gave birth to the Cola Wars during the 80’s. It’s a great topic to choose because we know that you at least once had an argument with one of your friends or schoolmate on which brand tastes better.

9. Armed Conflicts

9 Armed Conflicts

This is one of the most sensitive topics that you could use in delivering a speech. This is because we all know that our country caused some of the greatest armed conflicts in the past decades. But there are many armed conflicts that are happening around the world today. Most of them happen in small countries and the conflicts are mostly between a government and armed rebels or terrorists. The sad truth is that these conflicts do more damage than good, leaving massive deaths in the line of civilians, the abuse of human rights, and sometimes causing economic crisis.

8. Should Students Take Spanish Classes?spanish lessons

Most schools require students to take at least one foreign language class for them to speak another language aside from English. The curriculum is practiced not just in college but also in middle school and now some elementary schools as well. Many students feel repulsive of the idea of learning another language. What they don’t see is the importance of it. But some students find it cool and interesting. This is a topic that can surely get your listeners’ attention.

7. Is Wearing a Uniform Necessary for Students?7 Is Wearing a Uniform Necessary for Students

Here is another topic that will surely get the attention of your listeners of your schoolmates and teachers. As we know, most schools require students to wear a prescribed uniform. Uniforms are important especially when they are outside the school grounds because they are easily recognized. It’s good because they can easily find help and it can also keep them from doing something naughty. This can also keep students, especially the girls from fighting over fashion and it gives a sense of equality among the students. But most of the students find school uniforms uncomfortable and sometimes hard to maintain. Choose your side and see the reactions from the teachers and your schoolmate on the side that you will take.

6. Abortion6 Abortion

Another sensitive topic that you could you use in your speech is abortion. Abortion is commonly referred to the termination of human pregnancy. It is one of the most common medical procedures in the US today and data shows that an alarming 40% of women who are pregnant resort to abortion. Most of the women who resort to abortion are mostly the ones who are young, unmarried, having financial difficulties and who are over 40.

5. Aliens Exist5 Aliens Exist

This is a light topic that you could use and most people have always had the question if we are really alone in this vast universe. For that reason, many can relate to this topic. For you to convince them effectively, you must base your speech on facts and not from a sci-fi movie. There are researches that show that there really is life somewhere out there and you can base your speech from them.

4. Should Marijuana be Legal for Medical Purposes?4 Should Marijuana be Legal for Medical Purposes

This topic made it in the top 10 because is one of the most sensitive topics that people talk about. Taking marijuana for medication doesn’t mean smoking pot or getting high. Marijuana is being mixed in some products like candies, patches, nibbles and even in some peppermint bars. It is mostly used for the relief of neurotic pain. The access for this type of medication will always be supervised by a doctor.

3. Should Cartoon Violence Be Censored?3 Should Cartoon Violence Be Censored

There are many children’s cartoons in the television that show crude humor and sometimes, violent scenes. Little censorship is being observed in televisions today and children have access to these on the TV and even on the Internet. By censoring violent scenes or the cartoon, there is no risk that a child might imitate what he or she sees. One of the cartoons that have been censored is the Looney Tunes, which most people found enjoyable during their childhood.

2. Is Friendship Between a Man and a Woman Possible?2 Is Friendship Between a Man and a Woman Possible

This topic will surely get your listeners’ interest. I think everyone can relate on this one. A friendship between a man and a woman often leads to a deeper relationship. But many experts believe that friendship between a man and a woman is possible and it is even beneficial for both sexes. Choose your side and you can even get some of the listeners’ opinions throughout the speech.

1. Censoring the Internet1 Censoring the Internet

Internet censorship is probably the most sensitive topic and most interesting topic that you could use in your persuasive speech. Today, anyone can have access to the Internet easily, it also gives people a chance to say what’s on their mind, connect with other people and do business. But some people tend to abuse this privilege that is why some people want to set standards and censorship in the internet especially that there is an alarming rate on cyber bullying and using the internet for some illegal activities.


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