Top 10 Female Warrior Names Unleashed

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In the world of Warcraft and other war-related video games, women can be as bad ass as men. But women warriors are not only prevalent in the world of make believe. They also made waves in mythology and folklore. History will not be complete without them. Their courage could even give men warriors a run for their money. Read on for some of the greatest female warrior names of all time. We also included the very story behind their popularity, which never fainted all these years – in their own native land and worldwide.

10. Hua Mulan10 Hua Mulan

Many lists would not include Hua Mulan because of the doubts attached to her historical existence. Myth or not, Hua Mulan will always be associated as a name of a tough woman. She is a popular character in Chinese legends that went to war disguised as a man. She went home after many years of war but her fellows never found out she was really a woman.

9. The Amazons9 The Amazons

Whenever you would need to address a group of female warriors, The Amazons, who rose in popularity through the Greek Mythology, always come up. Herodotus placed them in a region in Sarmatia, always poised for battle. That’s probably why legends in Greek mythology always refer to the Sarmatians as the greatest group of women warriors.

8. Artemis8 Artemis

If the Amazons made this list, it is but rightful to include their leader: Artemis. She is the chief goddess of The Amazons, daughter of Greek god Zeus and goddess Leto. Just like her unit, Artemis is often depicted with a bow and an arrow, always ready to strike.

7. Cleopatra VII7 Cleopatra VII

Cleopatra is believed to be the reincarnation of the Goddess of Wisdom. She reigned as a co-ruler of Egypt first with her father and later on with her brothers/husbands.

6. The Trung Sisters6 The Trung Sisters

The Trung sisters are a group of women warriors in historical Vietnam. They are regarded as the national heroines that were born during the Chinese occupation. They assembled warriors composed of women. They liberated different Vietnamese regions from the Chinese.

5. Joan of Arc5 Joan of Arc

Or Jeanne d’Arc in French is a heroine who had visions from God to return to her homeland during the latter years of the Hundred Years’ War. She was able to lift the siege in just nine days. But her heroic ways did not make any difference. She was executed for mere heresy at the age of 19. 24 years later, the Pope declared the trial as invalid and instead declared her as a martyr. She was also canonized as a saint and is now called as St. Joan of Arc.

4. Nefertiti4 Nefertiti

Nefertiti is the wife of Ancient Egyptian ruler Akhenaten. But she is more than just a wife. She can kickass as hard as male rulers could.

3. Joanna of Flanders3 Joanna of Flanders

Joanna of Flanders is known by many other names including Jeanne la Flamme and Jehanne de Montfort. She is the Duchess of Brittany by her marriage to John IV. She is well known due to an organized resistance that was used to protect Joanna’s family and countrymen. Aside from arming herself, she also tried using diplomatic means to defend her town. She is considered a possible influence to another great woman warrior Joan of Arc.

2. Athena2 Athena

The Greek goddess of wisdom is also known as the armed warrior goddess. She has always been depicted as one with a goastkin breastplate, a helmet, and a shield. She has helped many heroes in Greek Mythology including Odysseus, Heracles, and Jason.

1. Saint Olga1 Saint Olga

From 945 to 960 CE, Saint Olga ruled Kievsiky, Russia. Her rule started when her husband, King Igor, was killed by a tribe of Drevylane in 945 CE. She did not only saved the day for the kingdom by replacing the King but she also revenged his death four times. First, she buried 20 Ambassadors of Drevylane alive. Second, another batch of Drevylane ambassadors were burned in a bathhouse. Third, she made about 5,000 people from the tribe drunk and then sent her soldiers to assault them. Fourth, she set fire on the whole city by sending in strings of fire in doves and sparrows.


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