Top 10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Friends that Are 40 and Up

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If it’s your friend’s birthday and you are thinking of a great way to greet him/her, why not get him/her a card and write any of these funny birthday wishes? If you can’t personally make it on his/her party for some reason, you may still send him/her the message through text. Or you may call him/her for the greetings. These humorous birthday messages will surely give a smile on your friend’s face and make his/her special day happier.

10. “Few Women Admit Their Age. Few Men Act Theirs.”

10. Few Women Admit Their Age Few Men Act Theirs

Whether your friend is a woman or a man, this is a birthday message that would suit him/her. The funny thing is that when women get older, they do not want to talk about their age. They prefer not to say it or if they do, they would give a number that is lower than their real age. When it comes to men, most guys would not mind about the number. However, no matter what their age is, there will always be a little boy in them. He may be 40 years old but he can still act as a naughty young boy, especially when he’s with his buddies.

9. “With Age Comes Wisdom. You’re One Of The Wisest People I Know.”

9. With Age Comes Wisdom Youre One Of The Wisest People I Know

This is a witty way of teasing someone with his age on his birthday. You’re not bluntly saying that he’s older. Instead, you’re giving positive comments about his age, when in reality you’re really making fun out of it. Of course he would know the meaning behind this message. But then again, you can always act innocent and never admit what you really mean, right?

8. “You Are Only Young Once, But You Can Be Immature For A Lifetime.”

8. You Are Only Young Once But You Can Be Immature For A Lifetime

This is somewhat similar to the saying that growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional. It is also the same as saying you can always be young at heart. This is a perfect message for a fun loving friend that is no longer too young when it comes to age.

7. “People Say That The Good Die Young, So I Guess That’s Make You An Old Bad Ass!”

7. People Say That The Good Die Young

Close friends love saying nasty things to each other. Well, nasty in a way that they say funny things about each other. This is not to hurt or ridicule them. But this is just the way that they show their love to each other. If you have this kind of relationship with your friend, this is a great message that you can give him on his birthday. It’s like saying bad guys live longer and making it on his age makes him one of the devils. But of course it’s just your own way of telling him that you’re glad that it’s another birthday for him.

6. “Another Year, Another New Place That Aches.”

6. Another Year

Got a friend suffering from arthritis or muscle pains every now and then? Include this message on your gift or on the birthday card that you are giving him. He would immediately understand what it means. It would even be funnier if you get him a pain reliever, of course, that’s aside from your real gift. Everyone would have a good laugh on this.

5. “Don’t Think Of It As Getting Older, Think Of It As Becoming A Classic.”

5. Don't Think Of It As Getting Older

This message will make growing old sound like a nice thing. Old things become classic and they grow value, right? He might not suspect that you’re really making fun of his age. Or maybe he would. He had been around for several years and has experienced a lot of things after all. But don’t admit your real intention and stick in saying that you really feel that way.

4. “You’re Not 40, You’re Eighteen With 22 Years Of Experience!”

4. Youre Not 40

So a lot of people think that they are too old when they reach the age of 40. But as they say, 40 is the new 30. Look at those hot celebrities that are over 40 like Jennifer Lopez, right? To make your friend feel better if he/she still can’t accept the fact that he/she is actually 40 years old, send him/her this message. At least, he/she would feel that he/she’s just 18. Plus, the 22 years of experience will make him/her feel that he/she is someone that is full of wisdom.

3. “Forget About The Past, You Can’t Change It. Forget About The Future, You Can’t Predict It. Forget About The Present, I Didn’t Get You One.”

3. Forget About The Past

When your friend reads the first two lines, he might think that he’s reading something serious and that he would be touched by the message that you have written. The last line will make him laugh real hard. He may have thought that there’s this poet in you that has been unleashed, only to find out that what you’re really trying to say is that you don’t have a gift for him. But of course, that is just a joke to make him smile. Get him some nice present and he would be a lot happier.

2. “A True Friend Remembers Your Birthday, But Not Your Age.”

2. A True Friend Remembers Your Birthday

Show how nice of a friend you are to her with this message. It means that you remembered her special day but did not mind the age thing. You know girls are sensitive when it comes to their age, especially when they feel that they are getting older. They want to stay on the 20 something bracket. Since it’s her birthday, let her feel good about herself by not talking about her age or she might not give you some of her birthday cake.

1. “Better To Be Over The Hill Than Burried Under It.”

1. Better To Be Over The Hill Than Burried Under It

This is a totally hilarious birthday message. This is a funny way of letting him know that he needs to be thankful for another year. After all, adding another number on his age is better than being dead. Show how happy you are on his existence without being too dramatic by including this message on the birthday card or present that you will give him.


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