Top 10 Words That End with Q that You Can Use in Scrabble and their Meanings

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This may sound improbable but there are more than a handful of words that contains the letter “Q” that you can use to wow people that you know. We took the time to hunt them down for you so that you’d believe our claim. We don’t use most of them as much as we use “queue” because many of the words we have listed here are not even from the English language. So, what do we need these words for? Who needs with the letter “Q” and particularly words that end with q anyway? We know at least one group of people who need them really bad. Scrabble players – not rainy day players who alternate it with Boggle and Monopoly when they have nothing better to do (the electricity is out, you see). We’re talking about competitive scrabble players who look forward to scoring very high with that coveted “Q” tile. Words with the letter are some of the highest scoring words, we have 10 of them here for you. To prepare for your next tournament, here are 10 new words to learn

10. Umiaq

10 Umiaq

The umiaq is an Eskimo boat. The Eskimo people, also known as the Inuit uses this boat for their everyday use. This water craft is made using the skin of animals. Usually, bearded seal or walrus skin is used. The Inuit stretch it onto a frame made from whalebone. The Inuit would use this type of boat during the summer season to move their families and what they own to new hunting grounds. The traditional means of propelling this boat is by using paddles or oars. The accepted variations of this word include “oomiac,” “umiac,” and “umiak.” In Scrabble, “umiaq” is worth a whopping 16 points!

9. Tsaddiq

9 Tsaddiq

This word is a Hebrew term that denotes a spiritual leader. The form, “tzaddiq” is also used, as well as “Sadiq,” and “Tzadik.” The actual translation of this word into the English language is “righteous one.” Traditionally, the Jews use this honorific to address not only their spiritual leaders but personalities and figures from their holy writings as well.

8. Inupiaq

8 Inupiaq

The Inupiaq (singular) is a person that belongs to the Inupiat people—a group of Eskimos inhabiting the Northwestern region of the Arctic Circle mainly in Canada. There are two main divisions within the Inupiat—the Tagiugmiut and the Nunamiut. The former group lives along the coast while the latter occupy the inland interior area of the state of Alaska. Inupiaq is the name given to the language spoken by the people. As you can see this word has many connotations. You can impress your Scrabble friends by learning all the meaning associate with it.

7. Mi’kmaq

7 Mi’kmaq

The term, Mi’kmaq refers to any of the following: (1) the Mi’kmaq people, a native American group inhabiting the Atlantic Provinces of Canada and the northeast region of New England roughly 20, 000 in numbers, (2)The language spoken by these Native American population; and (3) The writing system developed by this group. Now, that’s another word to use to impress your Scrabble competitors. Make sure that you know the meaning, in this case, meanings when they ask you for it.

6. Talaq

6 Talaq

Talaq is a term used in Islam denoting a divorce procedure that has been initiated by the husband. A divorce that is initiated by a woman is called Khula. There are different rules for divorce for the sexes. And the difference does not end there. Talaq is not the same for Sunni and Shia Muslims. The divorce laws related to talaq is rather complicated and we won’t be discussing them here. And if someone from your Scrabble group starts to probe deeper, just refer him or her to Google. This word could get you a good score when placed on certain slots on the board.

5. Souq

5 Souq

In Arab countries an open-air marketplace is called a Variant of souk. Its accepted variations include “souk,” and “suq.” Any Muslim city with an open market where the shop owners can dictate the price of their products has a “souq.” These days, the Western world has adapted the word, using it to denote a market in a small town. Since it has been adopted by the West, you can easily bury anyone who argues that this is not a proper Scrabble word and who refuses to recognize any more foreign language terms in the game.

4. Mashriq

4 Mashriq

Mashriq is a collective Arab term for Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. The boundaries of this very specific region are Iran and the Mediterranean Sea. Its literal translation from the Arabic is derived from the root connoting the East and is often related to “East of Sunrise.” Another term, “Maghreb” denotes countries west of the northern region of Africa that are predominantly speaking Arabic.

3. Nasdaq

3 Nasdaq

Nasdaq is actually an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, the second large in the world after New York. The term is loosely associated with a computerized system that gives real-time information to brokers and stock holders. Most people actually don’t know about the acronym. It is also a proper scrabble word that you may throw at your opponent when given the chance.

2. Aliraq

2 Aliraq

The proper name for Irag in Arabic is al-Iraq. This is a Republic that is bordered by other Middle Eastern countries on all sides with only 58 kilometers of coastline. The region was once called Mesopotamia, an important cradle of human civilization. Modern Iraq is a war-torn country that is now slowly recovering from its bloody and violent past.

1. Angakkuq

1 Angakkuq

The Inuit has among them a spiritual figure and mediator or shaman who is both the bastion of intellect and spirituality amongst the community. The word used to denote this figure is “angakkuq.” And yes, you may fling this word at your opponent and watch his or her jaw drop at you extensive knowledge of words that end with the letter “Q.”


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