Top 10 Save the Date Ideas for the Most Unique Wedding Your Guests Will Ever Attend

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Wedding announcements have become more complicated and consequently more exciting. Save the date ideas are becoming more and more creative these days. Sending an advanced notice to your special guests can also be a fun and rewarding experience. You can use the opportunity to express your creative side and extend a very personal message to your potential guests. Here are a number of choices to play around with. But, don’t take too long in deciding, okay? The big day is fast approaching.

10. Cards10 Cards

Cards may be the most common idea that comes out of wedding planning discussions. However, take care not to belittle its potential to excite and get you the most RSVPs. Cards bearing the first official announcement of you and your future spouse tying the knot now come in very creative designs and layouts. All it takes is a creative spark and you’ll be proud of each and every card that you send out. There are also many paper and ink products to choose from which can add dimension and style to your wedding announcement cards.

9. Magnets

9 Magnets

How about placing the important wedding information on a fridge magnet? No need to worry that your precious announcement might end up in the kitchen of every house that you send it to. The kitchen is a family place and the refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in Western society today. Where better to put your announcement to be admired? And it would be difficult for the invitees to say that they’ve forgotten the wedding date. Customized refrigerator magnets are superb wedding announcement choices.

8. Stickers

8 Stickers

A sticker for a wedding date reminder may not fare well with some, but this simple, elegant and rather unique way of announcing wedding plans is now becoming more and more popular. These small reminders may be stuck on computer screens, calendars, mirrors, and notebooks. Your friends, family members, and co-workers will definitely appreciate the novel and rather minimalist approach.

7. Graphic Design

7 Graphic Design

Another option for minimalists is graphic design. Minimalists who are getting married can use the versatility of graphic designs to share the good news to everyone who counts. The reality is, not everyone wants loud and color-laden wedding announcements. A good graphic designer can produce stunning outcomes with the simplest and most economical use of ink and space. Your guests will definitely appreciate the elegant announcement when they receive it in the mail.

6. Postcards

6 Postcards

Postcards come in all thicknesses, and paper types. You can have your choice of inks, fonts, and designs, too. The best printing services can make professional looking postcards that you’d think you’ve brought in a luxury stationery store in the streets of Paris. Those who want to insert a story into the invite can use this postcard idea to lend a more personal (and possibly intriguing/dramatic/romantic) tone to the wedding announcement.

5. Hand-crafted

5 Hand-crafted

Anything that can be printed can be crafted by hand. Well, don’t take our word for it since we did not think that through. But, the point is, before high-tech printers were invented and after people scattered all over the place making word-of-mouth improbable and impractical, people found ways to send messages and announcements via written stuff. Since weddings are rather special, and sending wedding announcements mean a lot to both the sender and the invited, hand-crafted announcements are perhaps the most personal and intimate you can get. We’re not saying that the bride and the groom sit down on a table and do the hand-crafting. They have enough to do and worry about in preparation for a wedding. But, there are service providers that offer hand-crafted wedding announcements. If you want some, better start scouting for them now.

4. Rubber Stamps

4 Rubber Stamps

Before you balk at the idea, hear this first. The custom rubber stamp is mounted on a classic acrylic block. Couples can choose a frame or border, and even specify the font or particular calligraphy. This is a very unique means of sharing what for many is the most important event in their lives? Rubber stamps. Think about it and you might like the idea more and more.

3. Go Vintage?

3 Go Vintage

No, those photos were not Instagrammed. The couple dressed up in vintage clothes, used a vintage camera, opted for vintage fonts, and came up with a customized wedding announcement that soon became the talk of the town. You can opt for full customized services if you are prefer to stand out from the rest of the invites that the people you are sending out will receive.

2. 3-D Save the Dates

2 3-D Save the Dates

No, this is not a 3D movie announcement. We’re not saying you can’t make one. But this idea pertains more specifically to save-the-dates that are presented beyong the two dimensions of pieces of paper of varying thickness. A message in a bottle may not be an original idea but it more tangible and definitely more romantic. If you place the bottle on a boxful of sand, then nothing could be more three-dimensional.

1. Movie Poster

1 Movie Poster

Here’s one final advice. When you send a wedding announcement, it is customary to do to around seven months before the big day. It’s not much different in movies. They post and distribute movie posters many months before the opening day. You’re lucky if you have a clear relation to a popular movie (plus the necessary costumes for the photo shoot). If you don’t, there are nine other options to choose from. But, wouldn’t it be great to have your wedding announced like this?


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