Top 10 Most Thrilling Christmas Game Ideas that Would Surely be Appreciated

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If you are thinking of organizing your own Christmas party for the coming holidays, make sure that you come up with the most exciting activities that everyone would surely enjoy. Think of the most thrilling Christmas game ideas right now so that you have enough time to prepare activities and prizes for a truly memorable and one of a kind holiday party experience.

10. Never Have I Ever10 Never Have I Ever

One exciting game you can play during the holidays is Never Have I Ever in which all players would have to think of words to fill in the phrase and complete a sentence. For instance, one person can say, “Never have I ever had a baby,” and it is important that that person thinks of something factual and not something made up. If the statement is proven to be incorrect or false, that person gets a sanction from the rest of the players. It is important therefore that this game is played among family members of friends who have known each other for quite some time already.

9. Drinking Game9 Drinking Game

If your Christmas party is for adults only, then this drinking game is perfect for you. This game is played with a deck of cards and rules are to be made for each card type before the game begins. All you have to do is follow the rules created based on what card you will be getting from the deck. The winner is usually the one who drinks the fewest number of shots as well as the one who is considered to be the last person standing. The objective of the game is to get everyone drunk before the end of the party.

8. Christmas Wrapping Relay8 Christmas Wrapping Relay

A more wholesome Christmas game idea is none other than the Christmas wrapping relay. All participants will be given the same materials that are placed on top of a table. The objective is to simply wrap a small box as quickly and as nicely as possible. Whoever finishes first may not exactly be the winner. There has to be a combination of speed and creativity in order for a player to win. Someone has to be the judge, of course, taking into consideration the criteria agreed upon beforehand.

7. White Elephant7 White Elephant

The White Elephant game is pretty exciting. Everyone is required to bring a gift that is not wrapped. It should cost the same amount and should be themed properly. All gifts will be placed in the middle and everyone gets to pick a number. The person who picks number one will get the first gift. The catch? Other people can steal the gifts from you at least twice. Whoever picks the last number is usually the luckiest of them all because this person gets to pick whatever gift he or she likes.

6. Christmas Stockings RelayChristmas Eve

You need to prepare beforehand if you want to play this kind of game. This is because you need to find stockings or sacks that are big enough to hold at least four people. Decorate it to make it look like it is Christmas themed and then ask some of your friends to be part of the relay. The winner is of course the group that finishes first!

5. Christmas Charades5 Christmas Charades

Instead of playing the usual types of charades, this holiday season, think of words to guess that are based on Christmas foods, movies, clothes or anything else as long as it is Christmas related. Group the participants into two and everyone gets to give out their answers. The winner is the group who guesses the most items within the shortest possible time. To make this game even more thrilling, make sure to think of the most creative words.

4. Two Truths and a Lie4 Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is pretty common but what if you were to incorporate a number of Christmas facts and lies to it? For instance a player can say, “I have been to the North Pole, I have not eaten a fruitcake and I have seen Santa Claus in person when I was five.” It is very easy to figure out that the last statement is the lie but notice that all statements are focused on Christmas. Whoever does not follow the rules gets a sanction of course.

3. Personalized Christmas Tree3 Personalized Christmas Tree

Another Christmas inspired game you can play during your party is none other than the Personalized Christmas Tree game. Once again, group the participants into two and make them choose their representative. This person is the one they will dress up in a Christmas tree costume but the materials they need to use are recycled ones that are already available on the table. The nicest most creative costume wins.

2. Create a Snowman2 Create a Snowman

If you have the time to go outdoors for your game, make sure to not miss the chance to create your very own snowman. Of course, this game will only work if there is snow at that particular time. The objective of the game is to create the tallest and cutest snowman ever without destroying nature. Of course, you also have to give a specific amount of time for the players to complete this game otherwise they might take forever in creating the nicest snowman ever.

1. Pin the Nose on Rudolph1 Pin the Nose on Rudolph

When you were younger, you have probably played the game entitled “Pin the Nose on the Donkey.” This time around, change it to “Pin the Nose on Rudolph.” You can still use the same mechanics but instead of pinning it on the donkey’s nose, customize a red pin that you can put on the nose of Rudolph. The winner is the one who gets the most accurate movement within the shortest possible time. To cut the game time, you can simply divide the participants to different groups and they can choose their representatives.


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