Top 10 Most Stylish Hair Styles for Women Over 40 That Are Easy to Pull Off

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One of the main reasons why a lot of women over 40 look and feel so much older than what they really are is because they are not able to find the right hairstyle to complement their age and personality. Even if your age is no longer reflected on calendars, this does not give you any license to take your sense for styling for granted. Here is some of the top hair styles for women over 40 you might be interested in getting. After all, it’s the New Year and this year is demanding for a new you to be unleashed.

10. Cut your hair short10 Cut your hair short

If you are currently enduring very long hair, make sure to finally consider cutting it completely. Get a short haircut for once and you will see just how great it looks on you. Of course, cutting your hair short also means styling it with a little more effort so at some instances, curl the ends of your hair or make use of hair accessories to make it look even more attractive on you than it already is.

9. Go for super short hairstyles9 Go for super short hairstyles

It’s quite stylish and trendy to get a bob cut don’t you agree? If you think that this is something that you can pull off, then make sure to get one now. This kind of hairstyle is more ideal for women with straight hair because then you can cut the lengths of hair into layers. If you have wavy hair, you can get a bob cut too but not as short as you probably desire. If on the other hand you have really curly hair, stick to the option above at least for now.

8. Short A-line hair cut8 Short A-line hair cut

If you are thinking of finally going out of your shell this time around especially when it comes to hairstyles, then make sure that you consider getting a-lined haircut. If you cannot really imagine it, think Victoria Beckham. This hairstyle will make you look thinner than you already are because it will finally show off your neckline as well as your distinct collarbone. Not to mention, this hairstyle is very easy to maintain because all you have to do is blow dry it in the morning and you’re all set.

7. Medium length hair7 Medium length hair

Of course, there’s really no imposing on you to get so out there if you’re not ready to undergo extreme makeover. But if you still want to get a less risky hairstyle at your age, simply consider cutting your hair to medium length. This kind of hairstyle is not only safe, it is also very stylish because it complements almost all types of hairstyles and does not require extensive maintenance and treatments. This hairstyle is also perfect if you are currently working and don’t necessarily have so much free time on your plate.

6. Short layered wedge hair cut6 Short layered wedge hair cut

The short layered wedge haircut is absolutely gorgeous for women of all ages but it is especially practical among women over 40 who are still taking care of their children. This is because this hairstyle saves you from clutters on your face and is also very easy to maintain. Add a cute girly clip and you can easily style your hair in minutes. There’s also no need for constant brushing. In fact, this hairstyle will look even better if you just let it dry as it is without combing it.

5. Fly away hairstyles5 Fly away hairstyles

Gone were the days when women looked better with neatly tucked and combed hair. These days, you can go out of the norm by getting a fly away kind of hairstyle. This one in particular is really stylish because it will make you look so much younger than your real age. Not to mention, this kind of hairstyle does not require anything else. All you have to do is comb it in such a way that it will fly away and allow it to dry like that. Then you have the hairstyle you’ve always imagined on yourself.

4. Get a new hair color4 Get a new hair color

Any hairstyle would look good on you if you consider getting a new hair color. This is because coming out of your shell also means you are stepping out of your boundaries. So the minute you get a new hair color, you will experience all this newfound confidence in yourself and you will see yourself from a more positive perspective. This way too, you wouldn’t have to worry about whatever hairstyle it is that you currently have.

3. Add some bangs3 Add some bangs

A lot of people have come to realize the fact that there is indeed a lot of power in bangs. This is the very reason why you may not necessarily need a new haircut. What you can do instead is add some bangs to your style and it will immediately look different. Sometimes, all you really need is insane courage in doing something like this and when you finally do, you will find that it’s actually worth it.

2. Go get some curls2 Go get some curls

If you have been living with straight hair all your life, now is definitely the best time for you to get some curls. This kind of hairstyle will most likely look good on you especially since it’s something you’ve never done before. Getting some curls adds life and glow to your hair and as long as you know how to style it well, you can never really go wrong with it.

1. No childlike hairstylesWoman with Pigtails

If you are still looking for the partition in your head, make sure to not go for the one in the middle. Not only will this not look good on you, it will also make you look like a child. What you want is to look younger and more alive and not look like you’re 40 plus year old who never really grew up, right?


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