Top 10 Maternity Picture Ideas for Picture-Perfect Shots

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Maternity is one important and fulfilling experience that every pregnant woman faces. At this stage, the pregnant woman might experience mixed emotions with the physical changes. Some may feel very beautiful while others are having problems with insecurities on the weight gain issue. With these matters, couples would prefer to go for maternity photography for documentation purposes. On the side of the professional photographers, documenting the woman’s body featured during the pregnancy could be easy or sometimes, very challenging. The challenge would be to keep, at all times, the pregnant subject comfortable, confident, and cooperative. For proven effective tips of getting the desired results, here are the top 10 maternity picture ideas that photographers need to review to get those picture-perfect shots.

10. Photo Lights and Shadows10 Photo Lights and Shadows

Lights can reflect a pregnant woman’s emotions. In the photographer’s perspective, it is very essential to create balance on the lighting and shadows to bring out the expected results. With proper lighting, the features of the pregnant woman’s physique are put into details. Too much lighting can distract the woman’s emotions, which should be observed at all times. Proper depths of shadows will then evoke some dramatic feeling that creates perfect images.

9. Go Outdoors9 Go Outdoors

Though privacy is secured while taking pictures in a studio, its four corners and the ambiance can sometimes make pregnant women wanting to breathe some fresh air outdoors. The outdoors always brings out some surprises and more relaxing areas to take stunning pictures. It strengthens the essence of freedom, which naturally brings the subject’s smile out. However, the only challenging task is to find a location that is not too public or with bad weather condition. This will surely affect the entire plan.

8. Simplify the Surroundings8 Simplify the Surroundings

No matter where the photo shooting is to be done, whether at the studio, home, or outdoor, simplifying the surroundings is significant. Putting too many distracting background items or colors may take away the focus on the subject, which is the pregnant woman. She should be the only center of attraction and the one to stand out in the image. But, if photographers want to show some story or uniqueness, vibrant-colored items can be added.

7. Closer to Nature7 Closer to Nature

If the mother or couple is up for outdoor photo shooting, then, bringing them closer to nature is the most convenient and comfortable plan. Most of the pregnant women want to have natural light, which brings out more natural effects. Gardens and beautiful landscaped areas are perfect settings to conduct the photo shoots. It is also a good decision if the parties don’t want to spend for expensive background arrangements and designing. Since it will be done outdoors, privacy should be fully secured.

6. Make it Softer6 Make it Softer

When it comes to the details of the photo effects, there are many options to take. But one complementing way of getting a good picture is to focus on getting softer effects. Pregnant women are very sensitive and they should be treated gently. Curtains or some vague effects on the background highlight the attention on the subject. This even gives a vibrant look and creates a bit of drama or story.

5. Cover the Arms5 Cover the Arms

Before suggesting anything, the pregnant woman should be asked if she feels comfortable or not. Some pregnant women are very self-conscious with the extra weights, especially on the arms. Of course, they would prefer letting others notice her big arms rather than on her bump. To overcome the insecurities, putting tops on their arms with long sleeves or scarfs best works. In addition, putting both hands on each side might give a stiff look. To show those curves, she may put her right hand over the head while the other hand is relaxed on their hips. It is best to get some side profile shots with this photography.

4. Highlighting the Features4 Highlighting the Features

As a professional photographer, one must be knowledgeable on how to showcase the entire features of the subject. This time; the right angle, position, view, outfit, and background should be treated professionally. With maternity portraits, aside from the bump, some belly might be too visible or obvious in a front view. Trying different angles for varying perspective of the middle body area would work. If the photographer wants to highlight the head to belly area, a top-down angle shot is applied. To show those curves, side position is commendable.

3. Go out of the Box3 Go out of the Box

To optimize creativity work, going out of the box is the way to do it. With a wild imagination, photographers can create masterpieces of maternity photographs. Putting various shades and colored fabrics, costumes, and unusual items creates originality. Some would even prefer the photo shoot underwater or places outside a studio. Some would even dress like fairies, goddesses, and other majestic ideas. This is one side of photography that always brings out something new.

2. Include the Partner/Sibling2 Include the Partner-Sibling

The best way for the pregnant mother to forget those insecurities with her physical features or being stressed of being the center of attention is to include the partner or the siblings. Including the members of the family conveys great emotional connection. Some stunning positions include embracing; holding each other’s hands, sitting on his lap, carrying the siblings, or any position for as long as the subjects are comfortable.

1. Make Her Smile1 Make Her Smile

A simple and natural smile from her can undeniably give life and meaning of joyful pregnancy. Even if compared to varied angles of poses or flamboyant backgrounds; her smile is everything that is needed to make a picture-perfect image. This could be the most challenging part for a photographer to deal with, especially that the long hours of photo-shooting and other distracting factors might stress out or test the patience of the pregnant woman. To prevent these risks from happening, the photographer can ask assistance or help from the subject’s partner to make her feel good. But, for those with excellent customer relation skills, there would be no problem at all.


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