Top 10 Lucid Dreaming Stories that Make You Feel You a Part of The Story

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If you have been there, you will know how the lucid dream world can be quite amusing. Having come to a realization while you are in deep sleep and being able to control the dream in itself is definitely awesome. It makes you want to explore deeper into your very reality. There are many lucid dreaming stories that you can find online. Reading through them makes you feel like you are also part of them. If you are fascinated about this world, you are in the right page. Here, we have listed the top 10 lucid dream worlds of other people. We find them most amusing that you will probably even wish you had been into one of them.

10. “I was out playing when I was just supposed to have just gone to bed.”10 “I was out playing when I was just supposed to have just gone to bed.”

A 5-year-old kid dreamed that she was out in the living room watching cartoons when she was supposed to be sleeping because a few minutes ago her mother sent her to bed. She tried convincing herself this could not be true, which made her decide that she was just dreaming. This kind of lucid dreaming is common for children who do not seem to lose an appetite for playing so that they dream they are having fun outside even when they knew very well they have just been sent to bed and should have been sleeping. Although unsure whether or not they are actually allowed to wander this time of the day, they find themselves happy, making the feeling of the dream real.

9. “I have seen a pink elephant flying!”9 “I have seen a pink elephant flying”

An 11-year-old girl dreamed she was out in the park when suddenly, she saw a pink elephant flying over her head. Some people would dream about peculiar things, reason to themselves they cannot be possible, and then realize that they are actually “just dreaming.” This is the thing about lucid dreaming. You realize that you are only “dreaming” while you are dreaming, which gives you the power to control what happens next or what kind of peculiar thing you want to conjure up next. A mansion underwater, perhaps?

8. “I have had a Math problem solved while I was dreaming.”8 “I have had a Math problem solved while I was dreaming.”

A 7-year-old girl dreamed that she was solving a Math problem and she got the answer right, even if she knew there was no conscious intervention involved because she was only dreaming. Experts on dreams often hear stories like these from geniuses, mostly scientists, who are able to enjoy the problem-solving benefits of dreaming as ‘dreams’.

7. “I was floating and battling a creature.”7 “I was floating and battling a creature.”

This particular dream story was shared by a matured adult who, about 20 days before the lucid dream occurred, came out of the rehab. He said it started with him back in rehab with some high school friends. At some point, he realized he was dreaming. That’s also the point where he decided to fly, which he had been wanting to do in a dream. Soon after, a man chased him and ran after him. The man seemed angry; he was carrying a knife. So he continued to fly and now with some energy. Afterwards, the dreamer was able to blast the knife from his chaser’s hands and defeated him when someone came in to pour flammable liquid on what occurred to him as a beast.

6. “I turned a giant monster into a cuddly little bunny”6 “I turned a giant monster into a cuddly little bunny”

The guy who dreamed this was 34 years old. He had been trying to perfect lucid dreaming because very real nightmares have tormented him already in the past. At this one particular dream, he was able to turn a giant, terrifying monster into a cuddly and cute little bunny.

5. “I have just won a prize’.5 “I have just won a prize’.

A career woman awoken to being puzzled how she could ever collect the grand prize she had just won in her dreams. She knew she was winning against her competitors because she had perfectly answered a couple of questions about lucid dreaming.

4. “I fell into the world.”4 “I fell into the world.”

A child who was about five or six at that time experienced his very first lucid dream. It was about the same time he was going through a mentally scarring situation. He felt he had woken up but in his dream. His home became all crystal and glass. Suddenly, his home dissolved into millions of fractures and he found himself falling into another world.

3. “I dreamed of zombies and slanted rooms.”3 “I dreamed of zombies and slanted rooms.”

A boy knew he was dreaming, then woke up, then suddenly fell back into the dream state. At that point, he found himself in his own bedroom but it is empty and had become slanted. His brother and dad were there. They were fighting off zombies. Before he knew what happened to the battle, whether they won or not, he was woken.

2. “I knew I’m just in a dream but I can’t be in control.”2 “I knew I’m just in a dream but I can’t be in control.”

This girl has experienced many lucid dreams. But each time she became aware, it was as if her dream knew she was aware and the illusion has stopped altogether. That gave her no way to be in control or at least interact with the dream within a dream.

1. “I am floating.”1 “I am floating.”

A 10-year-old boy who has been fascinated about lucid dreaming actually practiced things to happen in his dreams not just by instance, as what is common. So every night after he has learned the techniques of lucid dreaming and developing an ability to force himself through it, he would dream that he is floating in the air. Watching his sleeping body down in bed, he would even fly over the neighborhood, through the town, and just about anywhere he wants to go. Floating or flying around is one of the most common lucid dreams you could find. Children, most especially, would not be able to forget the sensation of like flying freely. But knowing that someone somehow forced it to happen to him every single night is truly fascinating. Don’t you think so?


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