Top 10 Funny Costume Ideas for a Halloween Party

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Searching and creating funny Halloween costumes can be a lot of fun. Most of the people want to find and create great costumes without spending a lot of their money, time and effort. They also want to look for or create a costume that will surely give everyone a good laugh. There are so many funny costumes that will get the attention and from different people. However, there are times that we find it hard to choose the best costumes. Although there are several options that one can get from the Internet, finding the best one is still the priority of each individual. There are many funny costumes that are now available on the Internet, but it will be more fun if you make your own. In such a way, you can also save your money and can guarantee to acquire a quality outcome. If you want to generate a funny group costume for a Halloween party, then surely you’ll be looking for the best costume ideas that will suit your group. So, here is a list of the top 10 funny costume ideas that you can make use for your group.

10. Pac-Man and Ghosts10 Pac-Man and Ghosts

The Pac-Man and ghosts costume is one of the best funny ideas that you can use for your group. This costume is based on the popular computer and arcade game from the 80’s. If you’ll be the Pac-Man of your group, then start searching for big Pac-dots and run as fast you can to avoid your ghost friends. The group costume play is ideal for five members only.

9. Lego People9 Lego People

If you’re looking for a unique and funny costume for your group, then Legos is one of the funny costumes you can have. Legos are famous building-block toys, which are commonly found messing the house from your childhood days. Creating Legos is not only a funny costume idea; it’s one that everybody will identify easily. Also, your group will have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

8. The Flintstones7 Ghost and Ghostbusters

Applying a theme for your family or friends’ Halloween costumes can be enjoyable, and what could be cooler and better if you’ll choose the Flintstones as your theme. The Flintstones is a classic kids’ cartoon that includes two groups or families. It is such a great costume because there are so many people who can easily recognize it. So, if you’re looking for a great costume idea for your family and friends, then the Flintstones Halloween costume is for you.

7. Ghost and Ghostbusters7 Ghost and Ghostbusters

Halloween parties will never be fun and enjoyable without the freaky ghost costumes. When you and your friends want to eliminate those freaky ghosts from your party, then the Ghostbusters theme will be a great idea. Since the Ghostbusters gang is only composed of four people, you can ask some friends to act as ghosts. Having this costume will surely make your Halloween party more fun.

6. Super Mario Brothers Characters6 Super Mario Brothers Characters

It’s no doubt that when it comes to funny costume ideas, the Super Mario Brothers characters are always on the list. This theme will always be a preferred choice for most Halloween costumes because of the popularity and it is easy to create compared to other Halloween costumes. So, if your group is composed of 4 to 6 members, then this theme can be a great choice.

5. Angry Birds5 Angry Birds

If you and your family or friends want to have a colorful and funny theme for the Halloween party, then the Angry Bird costume can be a great idea. Angry Birds is one of the popular video games or application playable on mobile gadgets such as a smartphone and on PCs. This funny costume idea is perfect for groups that are composed of 5 or more members. Also, if you want to use this Halloween costume theme, just make sure you won’t throw yourself.

4. Board Games4 Board Games

Everybody loves and enjoys playing games. So, why not wear some of them to the party? Board games such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Scrabble and Twister are great ideas for a costume. If you have many members in your group, you can choose to make a costume of chess pieces. You can also choose other board games that will suit the budget and number of members of your group.

3. Cast of The Simpsons3 Cast of The Simpsons

If you want to have a great bonding for your family or friends in a Halloween party, then choosing The Simpsons costume theme will be an excellent idea. The Simpsons is a famous American animated sitcom produced by Matt Groening. The show is a satirical spoof of a mediocre American family, which consists of Marge, Homer, Bart, Maggie and Lisa. Making use of this theme for any Halloween party will surely make the event more fun. Most of the people prefer to make use of this costume because it is easier and cheaper to create.

2. Plants vs. Zombies2 Plants vs. Zombies

Do you love to play Plants vs. Zombies? If so, then why not make use of this idea or theme for a Halloween costume party? Imagine gathering your group of friends together, each buying a potato, sunflower, pea, mushroom, strawberry costumes and zombie costumes to complete the lineup. In case that you don’t know, Plants vs. Zombies is a famous tower defense video game created by PopCap games. The game includes a homeowner using several varieties of plants to drive back a mass of zombies from “consuming their brains”. So, if you want to a have a funny Halloween costume theme for your friends or family, then Plants vs. Zombies can be a great choice.

1. Addams Family1 Addams Family

Addams Family is recognized as the first family of Halloween, so by making use of their persona for a Halloween party, it you will make your entire group or family the creepiest, the coolest and kookiest people around. Like all holidays, Halloween is also a time to get-together with friends and family members and start creating unforgettable memories. Wearing costumes such as that of the Addams Family characters can bring more fun for teens, adults and kids. So, if you want to have a cool and awesome Halloween costume for your family or group, then make use of the characters of the Addams Family.


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