Top 10 Famous Male Pornstars Who Could’ve Done Well as Hollywood Villains

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There are pornstars who exude a certain magnetism that suggests they would probably find a place inside mainstream movies. The sexual energy they exude is not necessarily bad, but there’s a certain edge to them that could be harnessed into Hollywood villainy. This list of famous male pornstars proves this point.

10. Adrian Long (Save Him and You Get a Million Bucks)

Adrian Long

Adrian Long could give the sympathetic Latino villain of S.W.A.T a run for his money. He’s got the smoldering sexuality, of course. He’s a pornstar so that’s a given. But he also has that hint of mystery that the uber-rich, good-looking villains of cinema, the ones who gets fan mail in prison, has to possess.

9. Cayden Ross (The Convict)

Cayden Ross

This dude had never been in a real-life altercation that landed him in jail – at least, none that we know of, but he has this aura that will make him a convincing escaped convict. He will do well in the high energy convict movies with airplanes or chases through marshlands with attack dogs barking ominously in the background. And he’ll be one of the convicts that survive until the end of the movie. All that manliness should not be wasted with a bullet in the head just 15 minutes into the flick.

8. Keni Styles (Car Thief)

Keni Styles

This dude, Keni Styles, has the looks of a car aficionado – one who likes fast cars and vintage cars and cars with NOS systems that are not really his. And he can both drive and fix them. He will do well in ensemble action films where the premise involves saving someone from debt by stealing 50 cars in one night. Still, he could be one of the drivers who get bumped off near the finish line (arrogant defending champion maybe?) in a feel-good race-car autobiography.

7. Ryan Idol (The Mercenary)

Ryan Idol

This guy is too good looking to be a villain. But, that’s a rather biased observation. But he could possibly look convincingly malicious in a military uniform plus beret holding an AK-47 and chasing a hero-off-duty policeman while driving a snowmobile at night.

6. Mr. Marcus (Smart Dude Gone Bad)

Mr. Marcus

This dude would have no problem getting villainous roles in Hollywood. But he might be typecast in roles where the character has a PhD in biotechnology and turns out to be a conspirator in a chemical attack on a democratic nation. Or he could be a scientist on board a space station who sabotages the controls because he’s from the future and he needs to kill this person who would cause problems to the powers that be.

5. Isaac Jones (Kidnapper for Ransom)

Isaac Jones

This guy’s tattoo is so well-placed that he’d look good in a jersey and jeans, pointing a loaded gun at a kidnap victim (no sack over the victim’s eyes). He looks like he can muster a few angst-ridden scenes wherein he justifies his rather sudden resort to villainy: just a college kid and then all of a sudden his life did a topsy-turvy turn when his dad squandered all the money and he had no choice but to do this because his mom is sick.

4. John Holmes (The Double Agent)

John Holmes

A real pioneer is John Holmes. He had a rather sad and troubled life (but who doesn’t?) and he passed away in 1988. If he had been seen outside of the circa 70’s porn that he did, his unassuming features would have passed him off as a double agent in any Hollywood (or British) spy movie.

3. Ron Jeremy’s (All Around Villain)

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy’s notoriety in porn movies could very well extend to Hollywood. He’d be convincing in any villainous role. He could be a gun toting coca farmer in a “cocaine wars” epic, a knife-wielding father who suddenly goes berserk and offs his family, or he could be an escaped convict from death row who terrorizes a nearby farmstead.

2. The (Bad) Wrestler

The (Bad) Wrestler

The hair and the physique put Stone in the short list for the villain in a wrestling biopic. His intensity could be channeled to the ring. One can only imagine the powerful scenes he could conjure up there as he teaches the hero a lesson in dirty wresting. But then, he’d be beaten in his own game in the end, and the hero will emerge victorious, of course.

1. Marco Banderas (Terror At His Wake)

Marco Banderas

That smile would make for the ultimate bad guy in Hollywood – the Boogeyman, the Walking Dude, he who must not be named, you name it. He could play the ultimate bad guy just with that “too cool to care” and “to hell with it” attitude.

Disclaimer: The contents of this article are all founded on personal opinion. We are in no way affiliated with any major Hollywood studio or production. And we are also not in any way hinting at having any communication with the publicists or managers of the male pornstars presented above.


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