Top 10 Birthday Surprise Ideas That Will Always Be Remembered

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Everyone wants to plan a surprise party for his or her friend, but to come up with a great plan with actually surprise the celebrant is another matter. There are many great birthday surprise ideas that have constantly worked over time. Before you plan one, make sure your friend will be okay with it and keep it strictly hush-hush or else all will fail! Here’s a list of some of the best surprise ideas that any birthday celebrant will love.

10. Rent a Movie House10 Rent a Movie House

While this may not be the best idea for one that has a limited budget, but check around and see if you have friends with connections to the local movie house. Your friend or partner will really be surprised when he or she comes in to the movie house all dark and dim only to be lit up later on with a room full of friends and families! A special video made can be shown before his or her favorite movie is aired for everyone to enjoy. You can hire someone to hand out movie house snacks like popcorns and sodas to make even the food fit your theme. If you want something classier, you can always have cocktails served.

9. Plan a Surprise Picnic9 Plan a Surprise Picnic

Invite the celebrant out for a hike. Make sure that this is something the celebrant actually loves to do. If not, you can always force him or her into it. Besides, your friend will most likely enjoy the surprise that’s waiting at the end of the hike. Gather together friends and family to wait at a specific spot on a hiking trail. Decorations can be done at a minimum since you will have plenty of contributions from nature. By the time your friend is tired and out of breath from the hike, there awaits the party!

8. A Surprise for Royalties8 A Surprise for Royalties

Give the celebrant the pampering and attention he or she deserves on this special day – the birthday. Go all out and hire a limo. If the celebrant commutes to work, have the limo wait outside his or her door with a chauffeur ready to open the door, cluing the celebrant that the limo is for him or her. After work, send the same limo again, but this time, close friends and families will be waiting inside. Once the door opens and the celebrant enters, whisk him or her off to her apartment to change and get ready, and then treat her to a dinner with his or her other friends and families waiting.

7. A Reminiscing Surprise7 A Reminiscing Surprise

A trip down memory lane is one surprise birthday idea that will remain for many more years to come. Humans love to reminisce on good memories, so why not let the celebrant do just that? On his or her birthday, ring the door early in the morning and expect your friend to be at his or her worst state – after having been woken up to. Put on his or her coat and boots and head on over to his or her favorite café or a café that has a special meaning to him or her. Take your friend back home in time to get ready for work. At work, surprise your friend by stocking his or her drawers full of memorable photos. Every time he or she opens a drawer, she’ll be surprised to find a photograph that bears so many memories. By the end of the day when your friend goes home, make sure the lights are off indoors. When he or she enters, a room full of helium balloons with photographs tied to every string will be covering the ceiling. For this kind of party, invite only special friends and closest of families. The photos will be something to talk about for the rest of the night.

6. A Balloon Morning Surprise6 A Balloon Morning Surprise

This is a great birthday surprise if your friend is a heavy sleeper. Have helium balloons ready behind a locked door. When your friend has gone to sleep and snoring as loudly as ever, place the balloons all over his or her room. These balloons should be tied to stones with the balloon itself having special messages written on them with markers by close friends and families. When your friend wakes up, he or she will have a ball of a time reading the messages on the balloon. When he or she goes out to open the door of his or her room, you’ll be right there with friends holding a birthday cake and singing a birthday song.

5. Post It!5 Post It!

When you don’t have much of a budget to cover a surprise birthday party for a close friend, don’t fear. You can always do so even with something as little and cheap as post-its. Contact friends, families, and relatives and have them write special birthday messages on the post its. When done, stick these post-its on a vacated wall. The more, the merrier. Choose multi-colored post-its to liven the wall of your friend. When your friend comes home, he or she will be surprised at the artwork of birthday messages compiled for him or her. Is this it? No! When your friend is busy taking notice of the messages, jump out, along with your friends and surprise him or her with a few favorite dishes and the cake, of course.

4. Plan a Fake PartyCocktail party

Some celebrants are just so good at sniffing a surprise party being planned from afar. To keep this from happening, plan a fake party instead. Schedule a small, fake party a day or days ahead of the event. This way, the celebrant will think that his or her birthday has already been celebrated. Little does your friend know that a big surprise is still waiting for him or her at home on the day of the actual birthday.

3. A Coincidence Dinner3 A Coincidence Dinner

This is one birthday surprise that’ll lead the celebrant smiling at the end of the night. If you’re a close friend of the celebrant, take him or her to a favorite restaurant to celebrate the night. The restaurant will be empty, except for you and the celebrant, but little by little, guests, or rather friends, of the celebrants will start coming in and seat themselves on different tables acting all surprised. Later on when the restaurant is full and your friend has gotten the idea, begin the program and expose the surprise to a happy celebrant.

2. Whisking Off on a Mystery Trip2 Whisking Off on a Mystery Trip

Take the celebrant to a trip where he or she knows not the destination you’re both heading. Make it seem like it’s just a trip between the two of you, when in reality there’s a group of close friends and family already there waiting in the resort, hotel, or wherever place you plan to be going. When you arrive, make sure all the guests keep themselves hidden. After the celebrant has had a bit of relaxing in his or her room, go to the area (a function room, a poolside, or a beach) where the guests are waiting. Your friend is sure to be wide-eyed at the surprise.

1. The Special Person Surprise1 The Special Person Surprise

This tops the list simply because every celebrant just wants that special person to be present at the party. This special person can be a friend, a mom, dad, sibling, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or anybody that holds a significant place in the person’s heart that the celebrant hasn’t seen in a while. Make sure this person does not contact the person days before the surprise. By the time the celebrant comes home, he or she will be scanning the crowds to check if the special person is there. Lo and behold, play that meaningful song, part the crowd, and let the special person walk in. Make sure to record the birthday celebrant’s reaction! Enjoy a few more moments with the celebrant and then leave them off to enjoy his or her time with that special someone.


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