Top 10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast and Not Gain It Back Faster

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In order to lose weight with exercise, the person exercising must reach a certain level of activity that causes the burning of excess fat. What accumulates as extra weight is actually fat that the body has stored in excess of what is required for our daily needs. There is a very specific form of exercise that burns excess fat and when done regularly also lowers the body’s tendency to gain weight. This is called aerobic exercise and here are 10 activities that, when done properly, guarantees weight loss and even weight gain prevention, thus making them the best exercises to lose weight.

10. Cycling

10 Cycling

Bicycling is an aerobic exercise because it involves many large muscle groups in the body. Cycling is not the activity to do if you want to build muscles because the major benefit of regular cycling is cardiovascular endurance and improved muscle tone.

9. Swimming

9 Swimming

Have you seen an avid swimmer with much extra fat around their middle? Swimming is another aerobic activity that provides a great workout for many muscle groups. The many benefits of swimming include building of body physique, improved stamina, better posture and reduction of stress.

8. Walking

8 Walking

If you walk briskly and long enough, you’d burn the same number of calories as you would if you were jogging or running. You can do brisk walking, a walkathon, or just walking around but make sure you have the right footwear for a long stretch.

7. Belly Dancing

7 Belly Dancing

Belly dancing is an alternative aerobic exercise that is not just sure to get the excess pounds off, but is loads of fun as well since it involves a lot of dancing, not to mention beady and frilly accessories. Many women opt to take belly dancing classes because it appeals to the qualities that celebrate a woman’s femininity.

6. The Treadmill

6 The Treadmill

Having a treadmill on one’s own home is like having a weight control device that really works. The thing is, you have to use it because you won’t burn an ounce of fat just staring at it.

5. Boxing

5 Boxing

It may seem as if a boxer uses mainly the arms and the torso in order to give that punch enough weight to knock-out an opponent. But the truth is boxing involves the whole body, the arms and even the legs. The trunk (torso) works to stabilize the limbs as the arms punch and as the legs “dance.” The muscles of the pelvis and legs, with the help of the trunk and neck keep the boxer’s balance. And the arms and shoulders provide the power of the punch, of course. Boxing is a full body workout if ever there was one.

4. Jogging

4 Jogging

The thing with jogging is that because it had become such a fashionable Hollywood thing that its real benefits are overlooked. How many paparazzi photos of famous celebrities are available for download these days? And more are being uploaded by the minute. Jogging is an aerobic activity and many individuals who engage in it dutifully find themselves much healthier than non-jogging enthusiasts of the same age, gender and race.

3. Yoga

3. YogaYoga’s benefit with regard to weight loss is leaning more towards giving the practitioner a lower tendency to gain weight. Yoga is not just about stretching it out on a proper mat. It is a lifestyle and a way of thinking. When you gain weight, you are simply taking in more calories that you need to use up to support your daily bodily requirements. Yoga helps you take the weight off not just with physical activity but also with the motivation and the mind-set to value your body. You’ll end up choosing not to ingest food that could do your health harm or engage in activities that have ill effects on your body.

2. Running

2 Running

Running is exhilarating, yes. But it is also one of the most popular forms of aerobic exercise mainly because it doesn’t cost much. Maybe the shoes would require you to invest especially since its better if they are proper running shoes. But the road or trail, the open air, and the will to run need not be bought.

1. Aerobics

1 Aerobics

So now that it’s clear that you need a weight deficit in order to lose weight, it’s rather obvious that when you go to the gym with weight loss as your goal, you do not enroll in weight – lifting or stretching classes. Rather, you enroll in aerobic classes. You use every muscle in your body and in the process the excess calories get burned. And it’s also so much fun!

We gain weight not just because of our diet but also with what we do or do not do. The conveniences of modern life have made it unnecessary to lift more than a finger for daily chores. And we now have means of entertainment that require nothing more than sitting down on a comfortable couch. Good we have these best exercises to lost weight fast.


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