Top 10 + 10 Beautiful Day Quotes That Will Surely Brighten Up Your Day

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Today is a beautiful day. If you think about it, there is just one logical choice and that is to enjoy the present because that is the only thing that we have going for us. Every new day gives us a chance to become better versions of ourselves. Here are 20 beautiful day quotes that remind us what every single day is for.

20. The past is gone20 The past is gone

“There are far better things ahead than anything we left behind.” This could be very useful indeed for those who have difficulty letting go of the past. It is easier said than one, of course, but as days go by and this becomes part of your natural flow of thought, you’d find yourself looking to the future.

19. Kindness is the key19 Kindness is the key

How beautiful a day can be, indeed when kindness rules every minute of it? A kind word or a kind gesture can make a person’s day, and the opposite attitude can break it. Kindness will never be overrated, despite what cynics say.

18. Every day is a beautiful day18 Every day is a beautiful day

There’s no need to memorize the lines. All you have to remember is the word, “beautiful.” If you think beautiful thoughts, one day you will wake up with your hair all grey but the smile on your face makes you feel as if you haven’t aged a day. That’s a life well-lived, and nothing could be better.

17. “Trying to make a gray day pretty”17 “Trying to make a gray day pretty”

You do not necessarily have to pick one flower a day to brighten up the room. What this quote is telling us is this: it does not take much to brighten up the day. It takes very little to enliven the human soul—a small flower, a happy thought, a kind gesture toward another.

16. Another bit of fun16 Another bit of fun

Rain and gaming are unconventional partners, but you probably know what this quote means, especially if you are a gamer and praying every day for the weather to turn so that you can stay in and play.

15. “There’s something beautiful in everyday. You just have to find it.”15 “There’s something beautiful in everyday.  You just have to find it.”

This should be the reason why people go out every single day. Whether they set out of their homes for work or school, or any other purpose, finding something beautiful should be part of the underlying purpose of our lives.

14. Renewal14 Renewal

Every day is a new day. That’s what the sun signifies when it rises in the morning. The sun renews itself every day and so must we. But it is only possible if we are capable of letting go of the past and all the baggage that we carry. If we want to be renewed, we have to release everything that attaches us to the old life—old habits, old thoughts.

13. Go for your dreams13 Go for your dreams

Henry David Thoreau was a wise soul. He was also an unconventional soul. His advice is not that difficult to follow: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”

12. Now, that’s the way to go!12 Now, that’s the way to go!

There’s nothing better than to be free. Just take a look at that newly escaped furry fellow’s face, and you just might want to “live like someone left the gate open,” if you haven’t yet.

11. “Thank God for another day.”11 “Thank God for another day.”

Earn it. Don’t waste it. The day, we mean. The reality is that today is the last day that many people have to live. If you live through this day, it is something to be thankful for.

10. Moments10 Moments

“Life is not measured by the breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” How we live our lives would depend on whether we value quality or quantity. We either live by acquiring as much as we can. Or we can choose to focus on leading quality lives.

9. No exceptions9 No exceptions

While we are alive to say so, we must be appreciative of what we have. All the material possessions that we own are impermanent and fleeting. There are more important things that we should be thankful for—friends and family, and all the intangible blessing we receive each day.

8. “Live the life you love.”8 “Live the life you love.”

There are those who find out too late that they have been living lives that are not their own—lives that they just find themselves leading without them having chosen so for themselves. Only one thing matters, really. Living the life that you want to live is the key to fulfillment and happiness.

7. Bloom7 Bloom

“And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” And when it was time, there was just one choice. No matter how difficult it was, “blossoming” will always be worth the risk and the trouble.

6. Enjoy!6 Enjoy!

Enjoy life. That’s the secret for every day to be a beautiful day. And when we do claim our rewards and decide that we will enjoy what every single day brings, we should never forget to give thanks where it is due.

5. The power of life

5 The power of life

Life bursts through cracks in concrete. That’s how powerful life is. If we recognize our individual innate capabilities, we can do the same, and so much more. Seize each day, and emerge a winner, and everyday is a beautiful day no matter what is in store.

4. Today you will shine

4 Today you will shine

If there’s one reminder that you’d find worthy to stick onto a surface to cheer you up, this is as good as any. “Today you will shine.”

3. The present

3 The presentWho knows what happens next? Nobody does? We all know that forecasts and predictions are just what we humans use to allay our fears about the unpredictable future. There is only the present.

2. Smile

2 Smile

If you’re hard up on reasons, that ought to be more than enough reason to smile. Many people are not satisfied with simple pleasures, especially at a time when our needs are becoming more and more complicated. Smile, it’s the simplest pleasure there is.

1. It’s a beautiful day1 It’s a beautiful day

And finally, there is one thought that could definitely brighten up your day. It’s a beautiful day. It will be, if you keep that in mind 24/7.


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